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We all like to feel happy but happiness looks slightly different to everyone. The universal habit guaranteed to bring you happiness is gratitude, the appreciation of everything you currently have including people and possessions. You can show gratitude for your home by keeping it clean, this changes a chore into you grooming the shelter you’re blessed to have. Giving undivided attention to a friend or family member by just listening is a sign of appreciation.

Look around you, what you have right now is enough for you to be happy. You are enough as you are. Wanting to grow and develop is a natural and positive process for us, just keep in mind, you get to enjoy where you are right now as you are striving to progress further on this long journey we call life. Choose positive actions for yourself as they lead to positive emotions. Go for that 20 minute walk in the morning to clear you head or cook a healthy meal so you have enough energy throughout the day.

Helpful Tips

*Define what you want to achieve financially and WHY (the why is key to keeping you disciplined)

* Set up direct debits/standing orders to make regular payments

*Create an ideal and REALISTIC budget on what you would like to spend on a monthly basis (email for a spreadsheet)

*Create a savings account separate to your income where you save an affordable amount.

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