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Free Debt
Support Programme

Free your mind from financial burdens.

What Is Our Free Debt Support Programme About?

Learn how to successfully manage your money

Get 6 months of professional support

Our holistic support services will improve your overall wellbeing

Father and Daughter

How would it feel like opening another letter without the fear of an unexpected bill? How would it feel like to still have enough money in your account at the end of the month?

Our Free Debt Support Program is designed to help you take control of your finances while receiving practical support for your mental and physical wellbeing.

This includes:

Wellbeing calls and referrals to relevant services.

Contacting creditors to reduce calls and letters.

Small team of financial support consultants signposting to mental health services.

Monthly calls or texts.

Your own financial support worker.

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How does it work?

NHS or Self-Referral

You can choose to reach out to your GP and they will refer you to us and other relevant support services. Alternatively, you can self refer on this website using the sign up buttons on this page. This will start to get the ball rolling.

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1-2-1 Call With Us

After your referral, you will receive an email with a form to fill out. Usually 7-10 days after this, we will call or email you to book you in for a call with our advisor. If you're qualified to work with us, you are automatically enrolled into our Mind & Money Programme and we will take you through the next steps.


You will be supported for 6 months in everything finances & mental wellbeing 

For the next 6 months, you will be personally supported by our team and your own financial support worker and receive all the benefits of our program to get you out of your debts as soon as possible and start building a your financial stability for the future.

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Having a professional team behind you will enable you to get out of your debts and build financial wealth faster and more sustainably.

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"I was having trouble reinstating my PIP and had to go to court. I believe if I didn't have RoseTinted in my corner I'd have lost. They were a great support, a weight's been lifted and I sleep better."



"I was handled with care and they worked so hard for me. I got respect and kindness always, which helped as it can be hard opening up to people. I'm writing this so you take the helping hand I had."

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"Thank you so much! They provided us with much needed help and support when I had no money left and just felt hopeless."

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