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The Happy You Ebook

The Happy You Ebook

This book is a bit different to your average female money book

because I’m not here to talk to you about managing money and to

tell you that I’m now a millionaire. I am still a regular woman who

has created wealth in my mind and my bank balance by using

techniques I have fine-tuned. Even so, in the beginning, there were

more downs than ups.

The methods in this book suit the busy woman who wants to

intentionally build a life of mind wealth and money wealth at the

same time.

Are you sick and tired of your current financial situation?

Do you want to join a tribe of women who are ready to become

mentally and financially wealthy?

If you’ve answered yes, then this really is the book for you. I am

a natural doer, but struggle and I are on a first-name basis. If you

need the encouragement and practical steps to ditch debt and build

wealth, then this book will be the final piece of the puzzle you’ve

been looking for. Inside I will spill the beans on my real-life mess,

including the ups and downs.

No matter where you are on your journey, there will be

something here for you. Regular reminders are necessary in a world

that constantly pulls our attention from one subject to another, from

one moment to another.

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