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I think since lock down we can all 100% agree on one fact and that is life is full of unexpected twist and turns! So when something is true we have a choice to accept or avoid it (fight or flight mode). Embracing the fact that life is ever changing would lead to the decision to save a little for the future, every time I receive money. It should also demonstrate the necessity to have daily strategies to manage our mental health, as things will always be happening that are out of our control.

So the key is to focus on what we CAN control that will keep us thinking, feeling and acting positively. Our daily habits whether we know it or not are the things we either consciously or subconsciously choose. If you are feeling in a bit of a funk, change it up a little, state 3 things you are grateful for as soon as you wake up, go for a afternoon stroll, search for a brand new recipe, or maybe you need to go to bed earlier (no phones an hour before you’ll sleep much better). Whatever it is for you, take it one positive step at a time. What’s that saying about Rome?

Mental Health at Home:

*Create a schedule, times can be flexible, but it gives you a daily purpose

*Have a relax day or two, you can’t produce from a empty cup

*Get dressed in the morning and read a scripture, listen to morning motivation or put on your favourite song (that one that makes you sing and dance along)

*Schedule an hour to think things over or to catch up news, then no more!

*Video call friends and family to stay connected

*Go for daily walks, look at the birds and trees, appreciate the peace

Helpful Tips

*Contact creditors to make them aware if you have been affected by the current health crisis (email or call 07312129767 if you want support with this).

*Write a weekly/monthly budget of what you plan to pay on bills, spend for entertainment and save for your future (check out click Downloads for a Basic Spreadsheet)

*Write a shopping list before you head out to reduce overspending and do not shop hungry (you may end up with a basket full of goodies instead of tomorrow’s cooking ingredients😅)

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