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The glitz of the champagne and fireworks are a distant memory, we are in the everyday groove of 2021. Often our focus is so fixed on those big moments that the come down of everyday life seems small in comparison. As the spotlight shines on our everyday routine let's take this opportunity in 2021 to shift how we look at the everyday things we do, like cooking a meal, for instance, Google a random recipe to fulfil that need to try something new.

The scene is set for you to develop new things in your own life that you've wanted to do for years. Like better relationships with your family, more physical activity or a better skin/hair care routine. Use the unpurchasable resource of time to enjoy your life more. That time you saved not getting dressed, you could spend half an hour on that creative idea before you start work. We were screaming out for more time now it’s here don't let the gravity of the outside circumstances steal the opportunity inside your home.

Mental Health at Home:

* Create a schedule, times can be flexible, but it gives you a daily purpose

* Have a relax day or two, you can’t produce from a empty cup

* Get dressed in the morning and read a scripture, listen to morning motivation or put on your favourite song (that one that makes you sing and dance along)

* Schedule an hour to think things over or to catch up news, then no more!

* Video call friends and family to stay connected

* Go for the 1 daily walk we’re allowed, look at the birds and trees, appreciate the peace

Helpful Tips

* Contact creditors to make them aware if you have been affected by the current health crisis (email if you want support with this).

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