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For most of us things may have physically slowed down but some

how our minds are still busy, busy, busy! The mind is like a filing

cabinet full of messy diaries that is full of everything you’ve done

already and dreams of things you want to do. Can you imagine how

full that cabinet would be!? Writing down your daily tasks/goals

should be integral part of the morning or night before as it assists

us to be fully present and actually enjoy the moments we

experience as they happen.

Use the moments before you close your eyes at night to unwind

from all you have been exposed to that day. Start by thinking of all

the things you are grateful for. It’s also okay to acknowledge

negative feelings but try not to allow them to stop you doing the

small habits that will improve your mood like preparing a healthy

meal that will help nourish you physically and mentally (note to

myself!), being kind to those you love, or going for a short walk.

Time out for yourself should be a daily habit even if it is only 10

minutes, try to be fully present in that 10 minutes.

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