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Ready, set, go! In January we burst out of the blocks with a passion for change and all good intentions. Then at some point you hit your first hurdle BANG straight into it, Then the second, then the third, you definitely didn't see it coming up ahead. Your mind may try everything at this point to convince you that your fall means you should give up because if you fail again it just brings shame. Well guess what failure is where the real growth happens. When you’re winning the race you’re relaxed, comfortable, your mind and body are elated at your success.

But the truth is it’s when you keep hitting hurdles and picking yourself up that you discover a new depth a new strength in your mind, body and soul. So have your two day pity party for the standards you didn’t meet at first or second go then go put your trainers back on and enjoy the rest of the race. Be like the tortoise and walk if you have to, slow and steady progress wins the race. Remember to focus on your own lane, the hare that you see running past has his talent and abilities and you have yours.

Actionable step: Take 5 minutes today to forgive yourself for falling at hurdles and be grateful that you care enough to try and improve yourself. Reflect on people, situations that may hinder your progress and try to reduce them as much as possible. Most importantly girl, keep your head up.

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