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Try to live each moment being in the best spirit that you can offer. Don’t hold back, use your big laugh and have the conversation you would usually avoid. Don’t wait for a negative situation to express your real emotions. Our actions should be lead by our purpose rather than our emotions. Emotions go up, down, into a whirlwind and then back again.

Your purpose is your key focus to what actions you must complete for your own well being. So if you’ve planned to get up and put an exercise video on, stick to it, regardless of how you feel when the time arrives. Is it your intention to be happy? If so live and talk like you already are. What you affirm about yourselves is what you become so speak positivity over you and your life, ‘I am happy, I am grateful, I go from strength to strength surviving through personal trials and everyday is a new opportunity for me to live my best life.’

Actionable step: Write down your intentions so you can revisit them when you need a reminder. Dream big and don’t forget everything worth doing takes time and patience to achieve.

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