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All of us crave to be in a position where we have wealth and success so we can live in luxury on the beaches we often see whilst scrolling the Instagram feed. Take a look around you, do you have a pillow to lay your head on at night, food to prepare for tonight’s dinner or a friend to call to share your worries? If you can answer yes, then you are wealthy. Perhaps not in the way that social media portrays it but you have reasons to smile. Move your focus on to all of your needs that are being met right now so you use that energy to get more of what you want in the future.

If you are grateful it is possible to improve your situation so you can receive some of your wants, like that holiday to Portugal or that car you’ve had your eye for some time now. To do this you have to first be grateful and joyous in what you have already, so your spirit is ready to go and seek more. Only a person who is happy can set a goal to save that holiday money or start that business. A happy soul will wake up in the morning and commute to work, achieve the tasks she has to do, so she can drive back home to cook that healthy dinner that will restore her used up energy. Then she can write her blog she does late at night or those weekend seminars that she attends to meet people the people who will help her start that business.

Actionable step: first thing in the morning state three things that you are grateful for. Then open your journal and write three tasks you would like to complete so you can be grateful for them tomorrow. Be realistic and start small, it might be doing laundry, shopping with cash instead of card or attending the gym for 20 minutes.

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