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We are in a season that allows us to discipline ourselves to create our own routine and structure. The things we value has been stripped back and are rooted in the things that can't be measured. Relationships have time to nurtured again. You can practice that hairstyle you saw, learn how to bake or get that lie in you haven't had in a year! Trying something new that is personal to you will boost your mood and create a challenge that will demonstrate that you don't have to achieve perfection in everything you do.

Its now blatant to us all that good mental and physical health is what truly makes us wealthy. The kids smiling and not whinging or walking to feed the ducks is the new highlight of the day. Freedom is now a blessing rather than a right. We have freedom to choose what we say, how we respond to others and the things we focus of minds on. What will you do with your freedom to choose when we enter the next season?

Mental Health at Home:

*Create a schedule, times can be flexible, but it gives you a daily purpose

*Have a relax day or two, you can’t produce from a empty cup

*Get dressed in the morning and read a scripture, listen to morning motivation or put on your favourite song (that one that makes you sing and dance along)

*Schedule an hour to think things over or to catch up news, then no more!

*Video call friends and family to stay connected

*Go for the 1 daily walk we’re allowed, look at the birds and trees, appreciate the peace

Helpful Tips

Contact creditors to make them aware if you have been affected by the current health crisis (email or call 07312129767 if you want support with this).

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