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The world as we know it has shifted, the kids are at home, the food is calling from the cupboards and Netflix features on the daily schedule. It is a time to slooooow it down and to look at how you conduct yourself in tough situations. Can your shift your plans to fit in with the new reality? Yes is the answer, it may take time, but you can and will adapt to your new normal. See the change as an opportunity to establish new habits and behaviour that will improve your mood and everyday life.

Establish a new routine that suits your needs. Remember to have hope and pray for the world, because we are in this together. BMW or Clio, you’re still at risk. Boogie or homeless, still at risk. Nothing you physically posess can make you better than anyone. Happiness is truly found from how you think and feel within yourself.

Mental Health at Home:

*Create a schedule, times can be flexible, but it gives you a daily purpose

*Have a relax day or two, you can’t produce from a empty cup

*Get dressed in the morning and read a scripture, listen to morning motivation or put on your favourite song (that one that makes you sing and dance along)

*Schedule an hour to worry or to catch up news, then no more!

*Video call friends and family to stay connected

*Go for the 1 daily walk we’re allowed, look at the birds and trees, appreciate the peace

Helpful Tips

*Contact creditors to make them aware if you have been affected by the current health crisis (email if you want support with this).

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